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Keke Palmer reveals her new video “Enemiez”

Keke palmer
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  Young actress, TV host and model Keke Palmer is back to singer.

She just drop her new video called “Enemiez”. It’s the first single of Keke Palmer since her first and last album back in 2007.

“Enemiez” is the release of Keke Palmer featuring Jeremih.

In this video, Keke Palmer is looking like Aaliyah. She is wearing a two colours black and white bra, a black pant and boots. She has haircut on the side, a braid in the front with hair on her shoulder.

Keke Palmer found herself between two rival bands fighting together on her. Then, she starts dancing, she starts a choreography like one the  Aaliyah’s choreographies.

Jeremih gives his vocals to “Enemies” single. He gave grace to this single with his somptuous voice.

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