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Pamela Anderson attended the U*NITE fashion show in Cannes

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Brandon Lee, Pamela Anderson, Adil Rami at Cannes

Pamela Anderson attended the U*NITE fashion show with boyfriend Adil Rami and son Brandon Lee at the Amber Lounge at the Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel, in Monaco.

Pamela Anderson and boyfriend Adil Rami at Cannes 2019

Pamela Anderson was wearing a white maxi dress while Adil Rami had a black tuxedo on.

Pamela Anderson and son Brandon Lré at Cannes 2019

Her son Brandon Lee was also dressed in Tuxedo with black suit and white shirt for the event in Monaco.

Pamela Anderson has son as her date for the amfAr gala in Cannes. The Playboy looked sensational with her red nail polish on her hands and her feet and her blonde hair as a ponytail.

Pamela Anderson has recently visited Julian Assange the WikiLeaks founder.

She is taking a side over the rape allegations.

She said she feared that Julian Assange who was once living in the …

Will be in grave danger as he will be extraded back to the United States.

The Grand Jury has charges him with 18 counts of espionage.

At the moment, Julian Assange has been bailed in London after the US government order the guy to be arrested.

Pamela Anderson who has lately become a sort of activist is stepping in this whole Julian Assange situation. She wrote an essay about Julian Assange title « The Making of a Rapist ».

In this essay, Pamela Anderson revealed the sexual allegations about Julian Assange are false. She refuted the sexual allegations.

The WikiLeaks continues its actions. Their representative recently revealed they were under pressure. They want to protect the rights of the press, the free press. This comes as a reaction after Julian Assange charges by the US Department of Justice.

WikiLeaks and the American Civil Liberties Union considered this as an attack on liberty and journalism.

Since these new revelations, Julian Assange is facing 170 years in prison with the count of 17 charges under the Espionage Act.

Pamela Assange is friend with Julian Assange. The essay « The Making of a Rapist » is about her friend.

She is defending Julian Assange is this essay. Speaking of rape and sexual abuse, Pamela Anderson wants us to know that Julian Ass age has never been charged nor convicted for sexual crimes like rape.

Pamela Anderson wants to share her thoughts and her true of the story regarding Julian Assange and the sexual allegations:

To me, Julian is a personal friend, a hero, a liberator. To you, he may be an enemy, a traitor, a sleazy snitch. You are entitled to your opinion and don’t have to change your mind. But before you draw your conclusions, please make sure you have really thought this through.

In her essay, Pamela Anderson is drawing a portrait of Julian Assange. She is certainly not objective as she is his friend and so her judgement might be altered. Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson wants people to know that Julian Assange is no rapist.

She said that there were never proof of evidence found like DNA. She said the sexual relationships were consenting and not to be considered as rapes.

Pamela Anderson is pleading, defending Julian Assange, saying that the repeated sexual relationships were mutual agreements and consents between adult persons and can’t be considered as rapes.

Pamela Anderson is also defending Julian Assange regarding the leaked files against the US Government.

Years ago, US Government files were public leaked through WiliLeaks. Of course Julian Assange never revealed his sources.

Then WikiLeaks founder and his team were accused of hacking US Government system in order to get those files. But at that time, the US Government files were not the ones WikiLeaks published publicly. They published many other files like

Their side of defense is that all the files were given to WikiLeaks. They did not hacked any system to get any of the leaked file.

But many of the files WikiLeaks leaked were top secret meaning they will have needed a special authorization to access them.

Question Pamela Anderson pointed out is:

If you really believe that Wikileaks’ revelations have unlawfully harmed someone, then why not sue the organization for just compensation?

Pamela Anderson also made a point by highlighting this reflexion:

And if you hate Julian, simply because Wikileaks embarrassed you, your company, your government or your political cause, then pause and think: Who is really to blame for the shame? Who committed the wrongdoings that were exposed? Are you sure you are not simply shooting the messenger? And what entitles you to become his torturer and henchman?

The essay is not just defending Julian Assange, it’s also pointing out questionable facts like do secret documents have to be publicly leaked? should political secrets which led to crimes or wars might have kept secret?

There are lots of questions about WikiLeaks approach and ethics but what is the best approach in these conditions, with all the secrets surrounding the politics, the business a d the financial world?

The essay is available on Pamela Anderson website.

Source: Pamela Anderson Website

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