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The Kobe Bryant starts new business venture

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Kobe Bryant

Ex NBA player Kone Bryant has new venture.

After being a ball player for 18 years, Kobe Bryant started an IT fund. Actually he started a 100 million dollars fund in data, media and technology.
Kobe Bryant is starting his new venture with Jeff Stibel. He is his investor. He endorses the chairman role in couple of companies like Dun & Bradstreet, chairman of brain implant system BrainGate and former president of Bryant has been privately investing with Stibel.

Kobe Bryant has announced couple of days ago that he is starting a new business. He is starting a hundred million dollars media business in technology.

Kobe Bryant has tied partnership with investor Jeff Stibel. Besides, the city of Los Angeles will celebrate a day for his career, they will celebrate the Kobe Bryant day.
City of L.A. will celebrate ‘Kobe Bryant Day’

The city of Los Angeles will honor Kobe Bryant on a special day that commemorates his talent in the NBA when he was proudly wearing the number 8 and 24 during his career.

His new venture is not an open business. Kobe Bryant is a business man. He is already tied to other companies such as The Players’ Tribune,  Scopely, LegalZoom and Alibaba to name a few of them.

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