Nicole Murphy proves that her killer body doesn’t come free

Nicole Murphy
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Nicole MurphyThe secret behind Nicole Murphy’s body!

Nicole Murphy is almost 50 years old. But she doesn’t look like she is at her end of her fourties.

Nicole Murphy goes to the gym whenever she can. She is taking care of her body. The mother of five children doesn’t even look like she gave birth to five children, but she did.

Her oldest daughter, Bria Murphy just celebrated her 27th birthday weeks ago. Her mother Nicole attended the celebration along with her sisters, her dad Eddie Murphy and his lady.

Nicole Murphy is a determined woman. She like to do things the proper way. She likes to wear incredible fitness outfits when she go to exercise, showing off her beautiful body, her flat abs and her tone legs.

Despite what’s going in her private life, Nicole Murphy is a beautiful woman. And intend to keep it that way!

Nicole Murphy is a fashionista. She likes what’s trending about fashion. She shops wherever she can even in celebrity shop like Rihanna’s store.

Recently, we heard that Nicoke Murphy lost about 10 millions of dollars because of one of her longtime friend. The said friend admitted and pleaded guilty. He recognized that he was responsible if fraud and obstruction of justice.

Nicole Murphy has gained lot of cash from her divorce from comedian Eddie Murphy. The model didn’t mind commenting this awful part of her life admitting that she is glad that this bad chapter of her life is over. She added that she wants the guy to get the sentence he deserve and hopes his wont take advantage of anyone anymore.

‘Hopefully with his day in court, justice will prevail and Troy Stratos will never be able to take advantage of someone’s trust ever again,’ said Nicole.

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