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Drake won’t perform at the Grammy Awards 2016

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The Canadian rapper Drake said he won’t perform at the Grammy Awards on February 15th, 2016.

Drake recently tweeted about the upcoming Grammy Awards ceremony:

I am not performing at the Grammy Awards…but hey it’s the thought that counts.

Drake made made the announcement when CBS was promoting the halftime of the Super Bowl.

There was a commercial on CbS insinuating that Drake will be among artists like Adele and compatriot The Weeknd to perform.

Drake is the Canadian NBA team Raptors ambassador. He introduced the 2016 NBA All-Star player TV. Check your local channels.

It’s the 65th edition of the NBA All-Star Game. It’s the first time the  NBA All-Star Game will take place  outside of the United States. The NBA All-Star Game will be seen in 215 countries in 49 languages.

Regarding the Grammy Awards ceremony of this year, Drake will probably be watching this show or checking news updates about it because he is nominated for the Best Rap Performance category.

Good luck!

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