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Beyonce is stunning in Coldplay’s new video as she embraces India’s culture

Brenda TIATI
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Beyonce likes to do things the biggest way.

Times, she appeared in Coldplay new music video titled “Hymn for the weekend”.

Beyonce goes Bollywood for the video shoot and had people debating wether she is appropriating India’s culture or not, wether she is in the stereotype thing or not.

Beyonce has a lot of detractors. They took aim at Coldplay and more at Beyoncé. People are saying that she dressed up as a Bollywood star.


A young Indian said that he was really of Beyonce appropriating his culture.

Buy we don’t see any problem with Beyonce appropriating Indian culture? Some people are with her and like the way she showing indian culture to the entire world, other don’t appreciate. They’re saying that Beyonce is kind of using indian women cliche, like stereotype.

They even compare Beyonce Bollywood style with Iggy Azalea’s. And at that time, it didn’t seem to bother anyone.

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