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Serena Williams flaunts her curves on Italian TV Show Che Tempo Che Fa

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Serena Williams is a real fan of Italy. She’s there mostly all the time when she is on vacation.

She enjoys Milan streets and hangs around with friends.

These past days, she was invited on a TV Show. She appeared in a fabulous Georgio Armani red dress. She wears matching pumps to complete her look.

Serena Williams left her hair loose as she parades on the TV Show.

Serena Williams launched her clothing brand. She is doing everything it takes to get the best shows on fashion shows in this world.

Serena Williams is so proud of her curves! About it, she recently said:

I love my body, and I would never change anything about it

That’s a way of living, you should be proud of the way you look, accept your body.

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