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Winnie Harlow discussing vitiligo again

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Canadian model Winnie Harlow is now a well established model who represents high fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret, Moschino, Desigual to name few of them.

Winnie Harlow just joins the list of MAC Cosmetics ambassadors as the cosmetics brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

She is on catwalk more often during fashion weeks season from Paris to New York, including London and Milan to name few top fashion weeks shows.

Winnie Harlow is enjoying her model life, doing magazine covers for Elle Magazine, Glamour and Grazia.

Winnie Harlow was dressed in hot pink dress designed by Brandon Maxwell with Lorraine Schwartz jewels with matching pink classic stilettos by Christian Louboutin when she was invited to The Jonathan Ross Show.

Again, Winnie Harlow had to wear her defensive belt to talk about vitiligo.

As it was said that the model is “suffering from vitiligo” she hit back saying she was not “suffering from vitiligo “.

Winnie Harlow is frustrated whenever this subject comes on the table this way. This is clearly understandable because she is not suffering. That’s a fact.

She explained again that you do not decide your skin condition. Vitiligo is only related to skin, period.

She highlighted the facts that she keeps reading here and there posts about her stating “Winnie Harlow, model suffering from vitiligo”. This pisses her off because she said she is not suffering, and people should stop saying that she is suffering.

Winnie Harlow admits she has vitiligo that’s a fact. But saying she is suffering from vitiligo is not facts but assumptions. People should put such judgments about others this way.

Winnie Harlow said:

I feel like it’s not anyone else’s person position to tell me I am suffering.

Then she added:

I don’t feel like I am suffering. I am conquering, I am living, I am living my best life in the way that I can and thriving.

Vitiligo is not a disease but a condition. Vitiligo is a skin condition actually due to the lack of melanin. It can causes pigmentation skin loss. This usually starts in the early twenties but can happen at any age. It usually shows up on the face, then neck and hands. Then it goes further on the rest of the body.

This affects only 1% of the population in the world.

Between this hard time conversation, Winnie Harlow managed to bite a chocolate.

The show aired yesterday on ITV.

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