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Will Smith supports his wife in Oscars Boycott, ignores ex-wife saying he was gay

Will Smith - Concussion
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Actor Will Smith is a smart and handsome man. He is part of the Academy and recently express his point of view regarding the polemic initiated by his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

After the list of the nominations of the 2016 Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith has pointes out some discrimination regarding black actors. She pointed the fact that there wasn’t any black actor nor actress nomitates for any category of the upcoming Academy ceremony.

Following these accusation, Will Smith ex wife Alexis Arquette, not the mother of his oldest son Trey, came out of the closet saying that Will Smith was bisexual. She even said that she caught him in bed with a man. She even said that Will Smith paid her to remain silent.

But Will Smith is clever. He didn’t react the way she wanted. He just sais that her claims were malicious and that it was kind of reckless to say those things because it could damage the children.

The mother of Trey, Sheree Fletcher defended her son Trey and Jada’s kids Jaden and Willlow.

The couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith refused to comment those allegations made by Will’s ex wife Alexis Arquette. She insinuated that the two of them were gay.

Sheree Fletcher took the defense of Will and Jada by posting a video on her Facebook account. She is saying that they are not gay. She also said that the marriage between Will and Alexis Arquette ended up when Sheree Fletcher found. To be clear regarding Will Smith, she said that Will Smith was straight back in 1992 and he is still straight in 2016.

Regarding the Oscars, Will Smith supports his wife. But he said:

There’s no Us & Them. It’s We.

It is meaning that the white and the black. For Will Smith there’s one community, the American community. He added:

I’m a member of the Academy. For me, it’s more about putting my hand up and reminding my community, that we have to lead. That diversity is America’s superpower. That’s what makes our country great.

He gave his opinion regarding the lack of diversity in the movie industry.

Back in 2015, Will Smith starres in the movie “Concussion”. But he didn’t received any nomination for this movie. That must be what’s the point of start…

Must be continued…

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