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Michael Jackson to be played by a white man

Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson

Believe it or not!

A white man is goong to play Michael Jackson on screen.

Bristish actor  Joseph Fiennes (picture below) has been cast to play the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson. There’s a new production in UK, which will see a new British TV comedy. 

 Joseph Fiennes 

The comedy will chronicle Michael Jackson’s road trip. It will relate the road Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando took after the New York attack back in September 11 in  2001. 

The comedy will star Stockard Channing who will be playing Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Cox will be playing Marlon Brando.

The comedy will be broadcasted on Sky Arts.

Joseph Fiennes said he was recrues for his acting skills. He said he wasn’t surprise because Michael Jackson’s colour was close to his colour than black colour.

Michael Jackson was born black and suffer of pigmentation disease. At the time he died, his skin was almost white.

Joseph Fiennes is best know. For his role in the Bard in Shakespeare In Love. He will hold the leading role.

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