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Kelly Rowland all natural looking, doing the Mannequin Challenge with Michelle and Beyonce

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Kelly Rowland is all about being natural right now.

She has her own natural hair, less make up and sometimes she is make up free.

She attended few public event recently and was seen doing groceries all natural. Besides, Kelly Rowland shows that she is a mum and she doing mum’s stuff like by Christmas Tree stuff. That’s great!

Recently, The Destiny’s Child ex members Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce met to do The Mannequin Challenge.

The Mannequin Challenge is posing mini video everybody has been doing lately.

The Mannequin Challenge is over the world now, it is very popular on social media!

Stay tune we’ll be deliverying the best of The Manmequin Challenge soon.

What’s the Mannequin Challenge?

It’s based on the fact that everyone appearing in a video must freeze, everyone must form a sort of sculpture for the video. You do the video and you add some sound or not. That’s it.

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle reunited to do the Mannequin Challenge. The girls were together to celebrate the birthday of Kelly’s little boy.  Mama  Tina attented the party too.

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