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Nicole Scherzinger amids reconciliation with Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger
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Nicole Scherzinger
Ex Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger is mostly known for her TV Shows appearances.

She was engaged with the Formula 1 sprinter Lewis Hamilton. Then things got worst between them. They went each other side to pursue their lives.

Lewis Hamilton seems to have many girls companions while Nicole was there, hanging out with her pals, goings to the beach when she wasn’t on TV shows and more.

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger is back in the jury of X Factor in London, UK. For an appearance, she was dressed in black from head to toes.
Couple of days ago, the singer made a public appearance at a private Londonian event in a black cutout fitted dress. It was a perfect look for Halloween. She was in black from head to toes.

Lewis Hamilton has a chat talk with presenter Ellen DeGeneres. He talks about his ex fiancé, he said he’s in good term with her. He still gets along with Nicole’s sister.

He recently posted a picture of him and Nicole’s nieces. He was spending time with the girls.

Lewis Hamiltom is 31, he likes to party and have girls company. But now, he admitted that he is single and wants to stay single for now. He wants to stay focused on racing. That’s all.

Remember when Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger were dating… Beautiful couple by the way! They ending their eight years relationship!

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