Kim Kardashian celebrates Happy Mother’s Day

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Reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian shared the way Kanye West wishes her #HappyMothersDay when she woke up.

Today, we are celebrating Mother’sDay. Rapper Kanye West surprises his wife Kim Kardashian with a surprise private concert. Kim Kardashian was amazed by the talent of the orchestra. The orchestra played a medley of songs in front of Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West.

This is a great way to wish a Happy Mother to a lady in your family. A lady that can be your mom, your wife, your daughter.

Kim Kardashian shared a picture of her grandmother, her mother Kris Jenner, her daughter North West aka Nori and her of course.

That’s another way to celebrate.

#HappyMothersDay to all the ladies in your family!



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