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Instagram and Facebook are facing major issues

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Throughout the day of March 13rd 2019, those who are familiar to the social media Instagram and Facebook have experienced some difficulties accessing their account.

The issues have been highlighted by Instagram on its Twitter account:

In fact, the hashtag #FacebookDown was the most tagged yesterday. The issue is ongoing at the moment I am writing this post.

In most of the countries in the world, it was quite difficult even impossible to post something on Facebook. Those who use Instagram experienced the same issue. For those who use WhatsApp the situation was quite the same.

I received some file which I wanted to upload yesterday and couldn’t do it. I thought it was my iPhone or something else. Then I tried to log in to Instagram because I received a feedback from a customer who wants to book a new photography session, then bad experience again.

Then I restarted my phone: same issue. Then I said to myself, let me try to enter my Instagram on the navigator, thinking it might be the application.

Something wrong. I then tried a popular Instagram account like Kim Kardashian’s. Same issue. Then I googled the word Instagram and found tons of posts about Instagram and Facebook ongoing issues.

What is these issues about?

Websites like error detector and down detector have received tons of complaints regarding Facebook and Instagram issues.

But Facebook did not yet publish the cause of the issue. Some users were said that the service was back but it is not the case.

They are fixing the issue. They only said in their Twitter account that they are aware of the issue and working on it. They said the issue is not due to cyber attack.

Lot of memes appeared throughout Twitter with hashtags like #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown


Of course, this is a bad day for people who make money throw their Instagram account like models:

Not being able to publish a single post, not being able to be seen by others when you like to be seen for what you do, what you wear, what you eat, what you did, where you went, how you exercise…


While checking on, the issue is ongoing. Some users are sharing their experiences. For some people the Instagram is back with no recent feed:

Other users are bored as they can’t do nothing without Facebook and Instagram:

Minutes ago, there was this communication:

Then the user continues:

It concludes:

Hopefully, we’ll get the end of this story which is like a night for some people who have tried to connect many times 😜

I’ve three of four times then move to something else. Good luck 🍀

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