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Bria Murphy celebrated her 27th birthday with Nicole and Eddie Murphy

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Celebrity kid Bria Murphy is not a little girl anymore. Bria poses with her sisters and dad Eddie Murphy.

Bria turned 27 years old couple of days ago. She is a grown up young woman.

Bria has followed her mother’s steps in the fashion industry.

She has been posing here and there for years now. She also feeds her Instagram account with bikini pictures of her.

Bria Murphy had her mother Nicole Murphy and her dad Eddie Murphy for the occasion.

Her sisters were there too to congratulate her. Besides, Eddie Murphy came with his lady. 

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy were dressed in black from head to toes for the occasion.

Nicole Murphy were really gorgeous for the event. She did the catwalk poses on the red carpet. Nicole was were a lace corsage in two tones black and a touch of red, a black pencil skirt; she completed her look with high heels lace up sandals. Beautiful!

Bria is a beautiful young lady. She recently posted sexy pictures of her pregnant. She is not the woman who does that. Not to mention a few of them, Blac Chyna, Kim Kardashian and more did that before. And that’s a photography style by the way. So I don’t understand the polemical situation. 

Pregnant women  have been posing barely nude and I’m sure they will continue to do that!

Happy birthday Bria Murphy!

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