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Wendy Williams son arrested for punching her future ex husband on the face

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Everything is not well in Hunter Ville

Recently Wendy Williams admitted in her own TV Show that her life was like a reality show in a tv show.

Every day there’s something new in Hunter Ville. Things got worst since Wendy Williams filed for divorce after her husband alleged side woman gave birth to a little girl.

Rumors are that alleged mistress out of the area to get away from paparazzi. Things got worst since Kevin Hunter got served with divorce papers.

Kevin Hunter received a 48 hours notice to leave the marital house. Wendy Williams has quit the place and is now living in New York with his mother.

Since her stay at the sorber house, Wendy Williams is more confident , more joyful, more Wendy. She is more funny and the shows get better everyday.

But something bad happened today morning. Kevin Jr the child Wendy Williams and future ex husband share was arrested.

Kevin Jr was arrested because he allegedly punched his dad on the nose while they were in the parking lot in New Jersey. What was Kevin Jr doin after midnight in New Jersey.

These past days, Wendy Williams shared her life timeline on a daily basis on her daytime show.

She revealed that her son was at her place with his cousin. When she is out at night, she goes out with her son and her nephew. But usually on working days, she don’t stay out late night.

Apparently and according to the Dailymail, Kevin Jr and his dad were in the parking lot close to Williams Hunter mansion in New Jersey. They were arguing regarding the spousal support is asking to Wendy Williams after he got fired from the show as the co-producer and as her manager.

Kevin Hunter put his son in a hot arguing and Kevin Jr punched him in the nose to get free of his father.

Why you are acting this way, how do you expect to get some respect from your son? Can the man have a grown men talk with no physical violence?

After Kevin Hunter Jr arrestation because of the nose punching, Kevin Hunter didn’t pressed charges against his son. But this really looks bad in the father regarding the alleged conjugal violence rumors circulating about Wendy Williams future ex husband.

Apparently, Kevin Hunter is accusing Wendy Williams to brainwash their son Kevin Jr. That’s what he revealed to the police allegedly.

Wendy Williams seems really cool on her show. She took off to Chicago where she has an event to attend.

Wendy Williams is recovering really well. This changes from last fall season where Wendy Williams was acting really strange on TV because of the pills she was taken.

She suffered from anxiety and stress about all the rumors of the infidelity of her husband. He is allegedly having an affair for more than ten years with a qualified massage therapist. The mistress was pregnant and was living in New Jersey near to Wendy Williams mansion.

Before Christmas 2018, Wendy Williams was acting weird on the show. She was also tired of the situation and the numerous rumors so she hire a private detective who serve her the facts about her husband and mistress. At their place, Wendy Williams decided to confront her husband with facts from private detective.

It is said that they had a mutual agreement regarding this side relationship: « no baby ». This was never confirmed.

Meanwhile their confrontation turned to a big clash, Kevin Hunter allegedly pushed Wendy Williams who felt down and broke her shoulder.

Wendy Williams did not cancelled the show and appeared on TV with her hairline fracture under her pink sweater. The strange thing was that she hid the shoulder. There might have bruises also which would have been shocking on TV.

With all these bad news for Wendy Williams, it was revealed that Kevin Hunter has bought a Ferrari to his baby mama while offering a watch to his wife Wendy Williams. While Wendy Williams was touching the ground, he and his mistress were living a good life. Kevin Hunter was out in sports wear clothes designed by luxury brand.

This whole situation put Wendy Williams in real drama and stress and depression. She tried to heal things with self medication but it was not the good approach. She was also found drunk and transported to the hospital when the birth of the side baby surfaced.

Thanks to Wendy Williams courage to go to a sober house and get the help that she needed in order to get her life together.

Wendy Williams more confident now recently said on her show something about infidelity:

There are a lot of women with no respect for a marriage.

She continued the tirade:

For you lonely girls who can’t keep your hands off other people’s men, there is a hot place in hell for you.

This was clearly a punch to her future ex husband baby mama. Wendy Williams is clever, she never said the name. She only quote cleverly. She now admitted that she is rediscovering herself, she is rediscovering men. She said that she will take advantage of her couch on the show to make her dates with men and women.

That’s what she did when Blac Chyna was her guest in the show last week. They went out with her son and nephew to have dinner together with Dj Boof.

The talk show host has recently announced that her actual Hunter foundation will be dissolve but she will continue her actions with other foundations.

Hope everything will get better in Hunter Ville.

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