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Rihanna drops her new video “This is what you came for” with Calvin Harris

Rihanna - this is what you came for
Brenda TIATI
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 Rihanna always comes with something different when it comes to videos, red carpets, going out and  more.

For the video of “This is what you came for”, Rihanna opted for a great hair do, she is wearing a sort of jumpsuit and she is looking beautiful.

Rihanna is wearing a Jumpsuit which is part of the Pratt Graduation Show 2016.

The video has something similar with the “work” song video. There is bright color, colors changing and kind of flashing from one color to another.

Great video. It’s another video from her ANTI album after “work”, “Kiss it better” and “you needed me”.

We heard that it was a college graduate who designed Rihanna’s outfit in the video. The designer gave an interview with MTV that you can check here.

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