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Rihanna and Drake broke up again

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On and off couple Rihanna and Drake broke up.

The last past months, Rihanna and Drake shared their relationship in public, on stage, during Rihanna’s tour.

Rihanna and Drake shared a great alchemy when they are on stage, when they sing together, when they danced together.

They spent their summer together. They sang together, they partied together, they got matched tatoos together.

And on top of everything, Drake went public and shared and confessed his love for Rihanna during the MTV Video Music Awards 2016.

What happened? What made them break up again?

Drake started to go out with other girls. Rihanna is also having a good time with other males.

That doesn’t mean that they are in love anymore. They’re still in love. But because of their schedule, they can’t spend time together.

According to Eonline a source close says: 

Everyone wants them to be together but they are just close friends who are always in each others lives

OThe same source added that they weren’t a couple because they never dated.

That’s just playing with words, right?

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