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Naomi Campbell celebrates her new book in NYC

Brenda TIATI
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Top model Naomi Campbell might be one of the oldest model still in action in the world right now but she is certainly one of the most famous supermodel in the world. She is at her mid-forties and that doesn’t stop her from doing well what she does best.
The British model was exhibiting her curves and breasts imitation at the celebration at The Diamond Horseshoe.

For the occasion, Naomi Campbell was wearing a dress with a wide open part on her chest which gave a plunging look on her breast. 

Naomi Campbell looked so happy while holding her chest imitation. The same chest was exposed wih her  new books in a table. (Picture below). 

Naomi Campbell was celebrating her entire work. She is a legend when it comes to modeling and fashion. The host of the celebration was Marc Jacobs. the party was intense with lot of champagne, lot of music and the celebrities were well dressed for the occasion at the Diamond Horseshoe. 

 Naomi Campbell was called Bella Hadid mentor. They spent most of the time together. And they were seen together when they left the place.

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