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2019 Super Bowl – the controversy of Maroon 5 half time show along with Big Boi and Travis Scott

Super Bowl – the controversy of Maroon 5 half time show along with Big Boi and Travis Scott

Last fall, many singers including Rihanna and Cardi B declined the NFL offer to perform the night of the Super Bowl during the halftime even if it’s a big show for more than 100 millions viewers.

This is supposed to be the biggest show of the year. But not this year?

The halftime Super Bowl show has been held by artists like late Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Madonna and The Rolling Stones.

The big game will oppose The Patriots New England to The Rams Los Angeles.

And the Maroon 5 are to entertain the game halftime along with Atlanta rapper Big Boi and Travis Scott.

Everything started with the violence against African American. The NFL quarterback player Colin Kaepernick protested in 2016 by putting his knee down during the national anthem.

This does not please to actual president Donal Trump at all. And you must know that the NFL including everything around the Super Bowl is way too conservative.

Last year, Beyoncé and Jay Z dropped a song called Apeshit where they protested by singing:

I said no to the Super Bowl, you need me, I don’t need you

The polemic started in 2016 and it didn’t stopped since then. The NFL player has been evicted if the league as he was not able to find a new contract after his public sign of protestation. He protested against the violence of the police officers against the black people. There was also many incidents regarding this contestation about two years ago in many cities in US including Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta.

Many celebrities we’re supporting g the Black Lives Matter movement which was created to defend the police violences against the black community.

As many artists declined the NFL offer, the band Maroon accepted the offer. And there was some actions trying to ban the group. Same for black artists Gladys Knight who was pick to sing the National Anthem and rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott to entertain in Atlanta where is held the Super Bowl.

The online petition has not less than 100000 signers supporting Kaepernick.

Adam Levine promises there will be some surprises during the show. They promise to do something for the minority so they can share their message, so they can be heard.

Jay Z has tried to stop Travis Scott to perform but he did not succeed. In the meantime, Travis Scott has obtained from the league to donate half million dollars to support the cause, same story for the Maroon 5.

Gladys Knight defended herself by saying that she is protesting by using her voice to sing for her country where she was born in Atlanta. She said she is proud the sing and represent Atlanta.

The duo Chloe x Halle, Beyoncé were to do the pre-show and perform America The Beautiful.

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