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Bow Wow celebrates his 24th year in the game

Lil Bow Wow
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Lil Bow Wow

Rapper Bow Wow whose previous stage name was Lil Bow Wow and whose real name is Shad Moss is celebrating his 24 years in the hip hop game.

Bow Wow isn’t having a great time in his private life but he is having a ba when he is on stage, eaping for his fans.

This week, Bow Wow will jump on stage in Lisbone, Portugal for the pleasure of his south western fans.

In the meantime, Bow Wow is separated from his ex fiancee Erica Mena. The reality starlet was all over preparing her weddibg with Shad Moss. But then, everything changes.

Erica Mena accused Bow Wow of not good enough in the private room. She said he has little attirement. How can she criticize him after enjoying private time with him.

As Erica Mena is a reality TV starlet, she likes to expose her private business. Bow Wow was part of the Love and Hip Hop New York. And he regulary exposes his private business on the show. Here comes Erica Mena who shared her thoughs the show.

Later after this rant on social media, Bow Wow announced that his retieres from the music business. He has plans for his new single life as a retiered young man.

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