Rochelle Humes is the new face of “Max Factor”

Rochelle Humes
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Rochelle Humes is known as a TV presenter. She met the fame and the media world after singer for the pop group. She started singing at the age of 12.

Rochelle Humes has everything it takes to be a model and she knows how to enhance her talent as a model to give her best to the photograph. 

Rochelle Humes has beautiful white teeth. She is radiant when you first meet the scene at the age of 12. She was part of the group S Club 8.

Now she joins hot celebrities like the late Marilyn Monroe and Gwyneth Paltrow. She is following their steps as she becomes the new face of Max Factor.


Rochelle Humes presents TV Shows in UK. She just landed a new role as the host of the t show called “Xtra Factor”. 

She is doing TV, modelling and even designing. She has a complex curriculum vitae. She is designing.

 Rochelle Humes is just 26 years old and she is embracing everythin she can.

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