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Eva Longoria is off the market, she’s engaged!

Eva Longoria and her fiance
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Ex “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria was invited on the “Wendy Williams Show”.

She chatted with Wendy Williams. She had a new engagement ring that she showed during the show. She was married with basket player Tony Parker. He has a new wife and a baby. Now it’s Eva Longoria’s turn. She is ready to make a family. She wants to be a mom. She has no kids yet. Her fiance already have three kids from a previous relationship. But she doesn’t want any pressure of having a child.

Eva Longoria revealed that she doesn’t want no big wedding ceremony. She has done big wedding ceremony before. Now she said she’s mature and she knows what she wants.

Regarding her wedding dress, Victoria Beckham might be the designer of her wedding dress.

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are friends. Her husband David Beckham and her are ready to organize the pre nuptials and the ceremony for Eva Longoria. She said that she doesn’t if she vets married on an island with her fiance and the official only.

Eva Longoria was invited on Wendy Williams Show on BET. She talked about her life, her man, her new engangement, her telenovela.

Her telenovela …

Eva Longoria enjoys her role on the telenovela broadcasted on NBC. Eva Longoria’s character is dating Zachary Levi’s character. He will be playing it in  4 episodes. He’s playing Eva Longoria’s love interest. 

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