Rihanna cancelled 2016 Grammy Awards performance

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Rihanna Barbados singer Rihanna has cancelled her performance an hour before she was expected to go on stage. It was due to her health.

Rihanna was checked out by a doctor after Grammy Awards rehearsal. He ordered her to have. 48 hours rest. The reason is that there was a risk of hemorrhaging her vocal chords. It’s Rihanna representative who explain to the press.

She haa been taken antibiotics for three days and there was not change at all. She still has the  infection meaning she couldn’t  perform safely.

Rihanna shared her excises to her fans after cancelling her performance.

#NAVY so sorry I couldn’t be there …..Thanks Grammys and CBS for your support tonight.

Rihanna informed the Grammys stuff only half an hour before the show, that causes a crisis in the organization.

According to the insider, the songstress was supposed to have performed toward the beginning of the ceremony, but things were shifted around so that the remainder of the show could go on as planned. Rihanna also missed a rehearsal this past weekend, the source adds.
Prior to music’s biggest night, Rihanna was in NYC preparing for her New York Fashion Week debut with Puma. The star-studded event, held this past Friday, February 12, featured the Hadid sisters.

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