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2019 New Year Resolutions

Brenda TIATI
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The new year has started and eveyone has his own list of resolutions for 2019: I’m going to do this, I’ll stop doing that.

Here’s our top 10 resolutions of the year 2019:

  1. Launch a YouTube Channel
  2. Post daily. We use to do it back in the days but things went different these last years
  3. Be more active with our readers
  4. Post on Facebook. We used to post relevant content on our Facebook Account. now we’re more on Instagram than Facebook
  5. Add new section for LifeStyle on the Blog
  6. Add new section for Fitness. This is high on demand as we love to do fitness, dance and yoga.
  7. Add new section for make up and hair for our girls who like to be beautiful and on point no matter what. The section will be some tips to get cosmetics, some tricks for make up and more.
  8. Offer gifts. As we’re doing photography, we’ll be offering some free photo session for our aspiring models for them to build a portfolio and some tips to get into the models industry.
  9. Business offers. As we love love to do different things, we’ll be offering free website for small business and also tips on how to get more partners and clients online as this is tricky when launching a business online
  10. Finally our new resolutions will be to have one personnality of the month. Every week, we’ll have one personnality which makes it at least four at the end of the month then we’ll be picking one from our fans from social medias


Now let us know in the comment section, what are your resolutions of the year?

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