Rihanna posted a picture that has everyone talking

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She was the best

Rihanna is a beautiful girl, she is also generous and love to party.

She dons for her country Barbados and likes to attend the famous parade.
This year Rihanna was wearing feather of numerous colors with bejeweled bikini and a pair of white sneakers.

She looked less thin than she usually is. We posted some of Rihanna picture take. At the parade without Photoshop.

But Riri is accused of photoshopping a picture of her. The picture looked strange because she has two nails on her thumb which is really strange. It’s obvious that the lady has photoshop h r picture. But why, why can’t she be proud of her new body. She has gained a little weight so what? She is curvy and all that.

Women should accept their body. Feel great in their body and love their shape.

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