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Willow Smith released her new single

Brenda TIATI
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Singer Willow Smith is a pretty busy girl.

She just released a new single on SoundCloud. It’s the third one since the beginning of 2016.

Back in December 2015, Willow Smith released a surprise album “Ardipithecus”. On the 11th, Willow tweeted the iTunes link of her new album “Ardipithecus”.
Her new track is called “F Q – C #idk.” It’s a melt of vocals and electronic. We can ear drums too.

Here are some Willow’s words from this new song:

You, you, you, you, expect me to know.

 I don’t know

 they expect me to know 

but I, I, I don’t know 

I don’t know my choice.

Willow Smith is trying to deliver a message throughout this song.

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