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Beyonce and Jay Z enjoying their game in Los Angeles

Beyonce and Jay Z
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Beyonce and Jay Z are definitely one of the hottest couple of Hollywood.

 The Carter couple showed up at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Beyonce and Jay Z went to watch the  Los Angeles Clippers vs. the Golden State Warriors.

The hot couple seemed deeply in love. They were playing with hands, Jay Z was kindly touching Beyonce’s skin,” even caressing his wife, they were laughing, they were looking in the eyes.

Beyonce was really beautiful in her casual outfit. She wore a black kegging, with white top under her leather jacket. She wore pink pkatform open toes sandals and a matching handbag. She finished her look with eyeglasses and a black hat that partially covered her curly brown hair.

 Jay Z was casual with a tuxedo blackjacket  on his shoulder. He was full of attention for his wife but took a little time to chat with Grammy Awards winner rapper Kendrick Lamar.

The last time Beyonce appeared in public was at the Grammy Awards ceremony backstage and later with her husband Jay Z.

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